Transmitter output power: 15mW
Transmitter power supply: 2 x AA1.5V
Service time: more than 5 hoursCarrier frequency: UHF610-670MHz
Number of channels: 200
Channel interval: 300KHz
Receiving mode: CPU controlled automatic
Frequency stability: within ±0.005%
Frequency MAX deviation: ±50KHz
Modulation mode: FM
S/N: ≥95dB
Audio frequency response: 50-15k Hz
Receiver Power supply: AC110-240V
Operation temperature: -10℃~ 40℃

1,Using UHF band, less interference than the traditional VHF band, more reliable transmission.
2,Advanced automatic frequency synchronization technology, even if the frequency of the transmitter and receiver is messed up,
you only need to click, the transmitter will automatically chase receiver frequency and adjust consistent, easy to use.
3,Working distance: open environment: 80-100 meters, complex environment: 50-80 meters.

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